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It could be:-

1). Either tailgate Lamp seal?

2). Rear wiper or rear window wash hose detached inside tailgate?

3). Rear window incorrectly fitted allowing water to build up inside tailgate?

4) Tailgate bellows damaged between tailgate and Tiguan Body allowing water to run down inside tailgate

You need to removed Tailgate trim to give you a better view

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The leak is back!!! :mad2: I have to say that for a 65 plate car I am not impressed and seriously loosing patience with having to perform diy/fault finding tasks now.

Anyone any further suggestions that I might try that hasn't already been mentioned please? :roll:
All 4 drain hoses from pano were leaking- I pulled all off (there is you tube for this), pulled rubber piece/detached from hose (wasn’t easy but gave without ripping) and “glued “ back together with high quality silicone sealant. Make sure silicone inside rubber piece is cleared out using a-tip so not blocking any water flow and smooth silicone on outside around where rubber piece meets hose- use generous amount around that area to help hold it but not so much it doesn’t cure correctly. Let dry according to instructions. I reapplied all using a little Vaseline inside rubber piece to help easily slip over pano water collector nipples.
After that- still leaking in boot but not from the leaking hose areas I just fixed. Also, should clear up that none of the four drain hoses were blocked- just terrible engineering/sealing/connecting that rubber piece to hose- TERRIBLE!
Next I used small screwdriver, cloth and rubbing alcohol and cleaned window and rubber seal around wiper body. once dry, caulked between rubber seal and window with same high quality silicone sealant. Use small screwdriver for glasses screw to create gap between seal and window and caulk around that seal. Still leaking but less, a small amount and couldn’t figure out from where at this point.
watched you tube on how to take hatch and back side panels off, got inside and had water sprayed all over roof and hatch channel entrances. The leak was in both corners at body weld where it is sealed, I assume enough got in between panels there and it made its way above the sealant and was running in. Okay finally found it and that was all that was left but “f” there is an inner panel over outer and no way to get light, mirror, etc anywhere to to see inside to find the shine. Soooo
Remove lights and entire bumper cover (there is you tube on bumper cover removal out there- actually quick/easy just be careful to not break plastic clips of wheel area trim both sides and,, on bottom two bolts- use something to break up rust)- I broke one bolt and came up with solution to reconnect using bolts, nuts etc, I had lying around. Here is what I did and it has not leaked since——
6 upper bolts hold bumper (2 each below the raised bolt holes for the light bodies and 2 behind the license plate area in middle of bumper) you will see the plastic pieces (anchors) with in my case, rubber seal/washer around them that was ripped and decaying. These are not raised metal from body with integrated “nuts” like the light bolt areas. That I believe was it because they insert into bodywhere the water was coming in on each side and if you think about it, that area on both sides of hatch channel get a ton of water running over it and since not raised and relying on crappy rubber seal that ripped and rotted, it has to be it (and it isn’t the tightest fitting you will find in your life) - not sure what VW was thinking with that design, and, without any sealant to help.
I used small screwdriver inserted in the bolt holes of these plastic bolt anchors and carefully pried them away to clean between body and rubber with tooth brush and rubbing alcohol. Once dry, I applied generous silicone, pushed in and smoothed out the silicone around all 6.
I also used silicone around the two hatch bumpers mentioned above, across the top and side of both inner part of plastic moldings (above the bolt) the bumper snaps into and for good measure, around air circulation vents on both sides and finally, between rubber and around it where tow hitch wiring goes into body. I let all that dry for 15 hours and put it all back together
climbed inside and had significant water sprayed over everything for 15 minutes and no water leaking in anywhere at this point.
Before, the water started leaking in after 5-8 minutes of being sprayed. Oh- I also used rubber washers mentioned above for reattaching light fixtures, when inserting all 6 upper bumper bolts and of course, the 4 that hold light housings in place.
So that did it for mine (the 2009 SEL) and hopefully solves anyone else’s mystery that experiences leaks at this level. If not- I didn’t see anywhere else when bumper or light fixtures were off that looked like areas water could have seeped in to leak at the weld and weld sealant in both corners.
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