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Good morning to you all - I have a problem with the washers and wipers of my Tiguan - just started today.

It has been cold (icy cold here in the UK) and after clearing the ice from the screen and wrming the car up I had to use the washers to clear spray.
Pulled on the lever to activate the front washers but no water as it was still frozen.
However now when pulling the lever to activate the front wipers, both front and rear wipers activate and now water comers out.
Appreciate that the pump motor may not be working but why do all wipers now sweep when only the front should?
Is this a fail safe and will right itself?
Is there a 'reset' that can be carried out?
The vehicle is a mk1 Tiguan, 2016 yom
Thanks for help and advice.

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You in reverse? This will happen if the car is in reverse and the front wipers sweep, wash or no wash. Just a feature to help when driving. If not then strange, never seen that.
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