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Hi All,

Had my first test-drive yesterday !!!! It was a TDI 2.0 SE. The most weirdest thing was there was no handbrake - its all done electronically. Apparentally this is standard across the range. The seats are comfy, and the wing mirrors appear massive. The engine appears very quiet and even petrol-like.The switch-gear (including gear knob) seem to be a bit thinner (than say a GTI) - but all are very solid. The acceleration is what I expected from stand-still, but the mid-range acceleration is fantastic.

I was going at quite a pelt - and there was no body roll around the corners. It was FUN to drive - that was the main thing ! I'm really looking forward to picking up my Biscay blue 2.0 TDI SE at the end of the month. I think the Tiguan is a bit of an optical illusion - looks huge from some of the photos - but really is just golf-like to drive.

Hopefully these picks will come out !



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