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Infotainment constantly trying to set up new user.

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Hi All,

We bought a new Tiguan R-line (Canada) in Nov. 2020 and since then I've had the infotainment system ask me to perform the setup operation that you do when we first got the car more that 100 times (like where it scans all radio stations, sets up phone etc). My wife also constantly gets prompted to go through the whole set up all the time. Additionally, regularly when she gets in the seats wont change from my settings to hers, once the mirrors wouldn't unfold and she had to drive home with no side mirrors. When you press the "car" button it used to show an exact representation of our car with the correct trim and a few weeks back it changed to show a base model car in a similar colour and the colour of the car changes when you open the door of the car.

My neighbor has the exact same model/year/trim and doesn't have any of these issues.

Anyone else experience this?

I'm taking it in to the dealship next week.
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I do remember hearing about this, something about setting up users on it. Sounded far more complicated than it needed to be. Also check out the forum specifically for the mk2 Tiguan, tiguanforums.co.uk
Thanks, I'll have a look over there.
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