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The Author Takes No Responsibility For Damage to Vehicle/s or Injury To Person/s As A Result Of Following This Guide.

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This mod came about when i saw the lights in my mate's New B Class grab handles. Even as a rear passenger it looked so good I had to imitate. I do think VW missed a trick with this though. Well my mate, she just happens to work for Mercedes, so i asked her to check out if the lights in the grab handle can be added. Guess what? They can't be retrofitted :roll:, but probably a good thing as a window like that wouldn't do the grab handle any favours in rigidity. Well there is a word called "can't", but also one called "improvise" so that's what I've done. Not sure it will be to everyone's liking, but it is to mine.

You will need: Solder, Torx driver and Torx, Tape, Cutters, Multi-meter, Cone Cutter or Drill Bit, Plastic Pen with Lid and Maplins wire. Just the thin type as this is not going to carry much current.

10X Clips so the LEDs can be changed out relatively easy Link here or you can just solder

Strip LEDs I went for 5630's 5 meter length Ebay Link

10X 5mm Cliplite Clear from Maplins Link

4X 2Way/Pin Connectors Ebay or any other plug you can get.

EvoStick Glue Amazon May Need X2 of these.

Remove Your Door Card MyTiguan Link

We will be talking about the rear doors as it has another procedure that you have to do if you choose to. The fronts are just a copy of the rear.

Take out the little pull handle from the door card. It is held in place by two torx and their clips.



Once removed line up the pull handle to be drilled TAKE YOUR TIME! A TIGHT FIT IS PREFERRED. Drill from the top into the pull area. You will get burrs in this area so use your plastic pen to fold them in so that the area has no burrs or bumps sticking out.


Get your LED and push it all the way home so it is flush with the pull handle.



Cut the bit of the LED cover that sticks out the back so it is flush. Clean off burrs and then glue around it making sure no glue goes in the middle. THEN ALLOW 24 HOURS TO DRY - MINIMUM TIME.


Get your Strip Wires and bend the terminals if needed as there is no standard for strips to conform to for terminal position.

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Cut a strip of three and position the two LEDs either side of the pull handle window and then test with a 9V battery or similar. To make sure it is working before you refit that little pull handle, make sure the cable cannot snag on anything, Once you have put the torx's in the back plate retest and if all is good move on.



The door grab handles are the same thing, but use 6 LEDs in a strip per each LED clear window lens.


Line up where you want them to be. I drilled by the nubs in the grab handle.


Fold all burrs away.




Mount the lens and flush fit and glue. ALLOW 24 HOURS for the glue to go semi-solid.



Also, cut out a little nub so your wire won't get squeezed.


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Once done test it. Then connect it to the little pull handle LED and crimp the connectors or solder them like I did and then fit a plug.




Your connections to the car side are the grey wires on the window plugs. The rear only has one grey wire, this is the positive. Make sure you test it with multimeter first by turning on your lights. You should get 11 to 12-volts. Once confirmed join, solder, insulate and terminate.


Be careful with the front window plug as it has two grey wires, but it's the one at the bottom. Use the same method to test.


For the negative side we will use the earth (ground) that goes to the window motor. It is the thickest brown wire there, but test to make sure the same for the front doors too. Once you have confirmed that it is the correct wire solder, Insulate and terminate.


Test all panels are working before securing them by turning on the lights and having a quick look around. Secure and then take a step back and look what VW should have done from the get go. :twisted:

Side on view as you look at them and some pics from behind.





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Update as of 13/4/16

I decided to put some Perspex strips with a diffuser strip in the handles with 501LED's so very easy to change when they go faulty, I got the desired effects i was after from the get go :cool: Now that pesky :starwars: B Class door handle mood lighting won't annoy me now :twoup:





By Enigma
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