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2014 Tiguan S TSI 143k
Recent (130k) maintenance background: Intake Manifold, IM Sensor, PCV valve, decarb of intake and injectors, plugs, coil packs. I did all this because of the Manifold code and Random misfires.
Drove fine until a month ago my EPC light came on and started sputtering at acceleration over 2k acceleration. Turned it off and on. Light is gone, car is running fine, scan for codes later on ( OBD11), and end up replacing throttle body/ and Mass Air Flow Sensor just to play it safe. Also checked previously replaced intake components for leaks.
Driving great again, more time goes by. Tiguan stalls in middle of the road. Would start back up but immediately stall. Some time passes and I was able to get it driving to a safe spot (Stuttering above 2k rpm again). Now on cold starts it will run but stall in reverse and then in immediately in drive. Or idle for maybe a minute and stall. No codes at all.
I think I am at a high pressure fuel pump replacement. Am I just throwing another part at it?
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