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I called in at the showroom when passing yesterday afternoon. Darren the dealer just threw the Sport's (2.0TDi Auto) keys at me and said 'off you go and be as long as you want'.

I took it for a LONG drive up the M6 and did some overtaking going up hill etc and was really pleased with the response. It easily accelerated to overtake on a hill. I did notice the pillars beween the front and back (mid pillars?) were quite big and a bit obtrusive when checking blind spots, but that is something to get used to.

I then had a spin on some very twisty and turny country roads. I thought it handled very well indeed. Very responsive brakes and firm suspension.

I parked it easily in Sainsbury's car park while I did my shopping. Loading the boot was a bit odd as it is so high, so I had to lift the bags up quite a lot! It got a lot of attention... but the CORKILLS advertising slapped all over it may have had somthing to do with it!

When I got back to the garage the other silver SE was there with PARK ASSIST!!!!!!!!!!!

VERY cool and I had a play!! Very easy to use but very scary the first time you use it. Press the button which is on the centre console in front of the gear stick and drive past the space bewteen cars slowly. If the space is big enough, it displays an open space on the MFD and tells you to put the car in reverse. Once on reverse, you control the accelerator and brake only and the wheel starts turning. My first go, I went REALLY slowly as it was veyr freakly not having your hands on the steering wheel, but on my second go, I went quite quick!. You break when the sensors tell you to and it tells you to drive forward etc. I was perfectly close to the kerb each time.

They didn't have a rear camera on the car but Darren was telling me that he reversed into a space from about 50m away , stopping a couple of cms in front of a cone with a tennis ball on top of it, just using the camera and no wing or rearview mirrors.

And order update.... still no confirmed date, but he showed me what WAS being produced. At Grimsby there is a basic model 2.0TDi and available - no extras. In the pipeline are 7 cars, bog standard. Not quite in the pipeline are 13 Tigs with a few extras here and there. Seems customer factory orders are being put to one side for VW to produce their stock. I suppose that if someone comes along and their chosen spec matches one of these, it is theirs.

But i did have fun yesterday!!

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