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A few months ago I started hearing a slight rumble noise from the l eft front wheel bearing. After removing the brake rotor, I found the steel ball joint was seized to the aluminum lower control arm (LCA). I tried using different penetrating fluids and a bit of heat but NO release. I didn't want to replace the LCA which to me is still a good serviceable part at only 132k Km. On the left side the subframe gets in the way of removing the long bolt that fasten the front LCA Bushing, so that makes the job even more complex.

I found this YouTube video of a fellow doing the front wheel bearing on a Tiguan without separating the ball joint from the LCA.

The video does NOT tell you a few important things, such as you have to turn the steering out toward the side that you are working on, in my case to the left about 1 full turn. Still stub axle did not have sufficient room come out, as it was making contact with the sway bar end link. I had to jack up both sides of the Tiguan to relieve the tension on the sway bar, then loosed the left sway bar end link to get enough room to remove the stub axle from the bearing that gave access to remove the 4 M12 Triple Square bolds that fasten the wheel bearing.

You may already know this info, but if someone is replacing a wheel bearing and have a seized ball joint to LCA I hope my experience may save them a few dollars from not replacing the ball joint, lower control arm, related bushings and bolts.

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