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My wife's UP! has a feature where, when ambient lighting is low it dims the dash dials lighting. At first I thought the dash was not backlit with lights off, and it was just the luminous figures not showing up. Then I found a thread about it in the UP! forum, and discovered there's a sensor in the dials that reduces the display brightness to "suggest" to the driver to turn the lights on.

Anyway, thing is I'm starting to think the tiggy has the same thing. Driving in shade I notice the Speedo/rev clocks get almost unreadable, but back out of the shade they're really bright. This is more of a change than I would expect given the change of shade/light. Somewhat redundant I would have thought given the car has auto lighting, but maybe fitted for the models with manual lighting and no interaction with the auto side.

Has anyone else noticed this? I've not done any experimentation to check this our yet, on the UP! if you shield the fuel gauge where the sensor's located you see the dials dimming down.

Note it's just the dials that dim, not the MFD or any other dash lighting.

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