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  1. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    Hi all, Been having a couple of faults with my Tig and would wish to share with you all. The most problematic has been the intermittent display of Sat Nav "information" on the MFD display of the instrument cluster and also the reversing camera was not display the RNS screen all the time. The...
  2. Electronics
    Strange problem this evening with my RNS510 "planking". Not had any problem previously, and it has been fine all day, been out n about and playing music from the internal drive most of the day. Anyway, drove round to my daughters this evening, music still playing, stopped, turned ignition off...
  3. Electronics
    Hello all. I have a 10 Wolfberg Edition. I do have a factory RNS510, without the Dyna system. I am wanting to upgrade the system, without changing the HU. I have looked here, multiple other forums and visited several audio shops. Everywhere I look or read I get multiple answers, was hoping to...
  4. Electronics
    Hi All, first posting here, so be kind (you all seem very kind anyway!) Got my Tig back in June and have been playing with bits and bobs as weve gone along, and now getting to tinker with the media on the RNS510. My iphone connects fine for calls which is great, but if i want to play music...
1-4 of 4 Results