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  1. General Discussion
    Hi all I'm based in the UK and My Satnav system has stopped working. The error message Please Insert Navigation DVD appears. I took the car into a VW dealership thinking they would fix the issue easily but was advised that I need to insert the DVD in the system. I bought the car second hand...
  2. General Discussion
    Hello, I bought a 63 Reg Tiguan R Line in Midnight Blue last week and am considering swapping the RNS-315 for a RNS-510 from fleabay. The attachments behind look identical, so I don't see too many problems. My question is the Bluetooth telephone connection. Did I read somewhere that the phone...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi, I'd like to update the maps on my rns 510. Can anyone recommend how I check what version I currently have; how to determine what the latest version is; and where to buy it? Thanks Mark
1-3 of 3 Results