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  1. Electronics
    Hi guys. I'm a newbie to the VW world—and am not into DIY mods myself. I've just bought my first VW... a 2014 2.0 TDi Bluemotion Tech Match DSG AWD. The vehicle came with the RNS-315 and 8 speakers and it sounds really awesome. I'm looking to upgrade a few things and was wondering if you'll...
  2. Modifications & 'How to' Guides
    I tried to find something about my doubt but didnot find anything. I took off from an Amarock a rns 315, and installed on my tiguan, happens that the car that appears when using the parking sensors is still the amarock. How can I change it, I'd really like to see my tiguan on the radio system.
  3. General Discussion
    Hello, I bought a 63 Reg Tiguan R Line in Midnight Blue last week and am considering swapping the RNS-315 for a RNS-510 from fleabay. The attachments behind look identical, so I don't see too many problems. My question is the Bluetooth telephone connection. Did I read somewhere that the phone...
  4. Electronics
    The screen on my RNS 315 ICE unit is blank. The functions still work, Radio, Media, Sat Nav, as does the touchscreen itself. I therefore suspect the backlight has failed. Dealer can't look at it until nearly two weeks time - just as well I have a spare sat-nav. I couldn't find anything on a...
  5. Electronics
    Can someone please confirm that the only update I can get for my RNS 315 is the maps & these have to be bought from VW. I have try searching but not found a definitive answer. All replies much appreciated.
  6. Electronics
    Okay, so day 2 of ownership & I thought I had everything sorted until I went to connect my ipod nano today. The MMI connection looks like this: which is actually different from the R Line that we test drove in December but our dealer told me yesterday that this is the latest connection due...
  7. Reader's Drives
    So, collection time finally arrived today and we are very happy with our new purchase - here are a few pictures Have to say that Inchcape Volkswagen in Chester have been fantastic and I even left there this morning with a full tank of fuel :twoup:
1-7 of 7 Results