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  1. General Discussion
    Can't seem to find a vid or a for sure answer on how to remove the auto shift knob on my tiguan, it's a 2017, has boot, hoping to switch it out for an after ark shifter I've had for a few years, any help?
  2. Electronics
    Hi all I bought two silver/chrome electric seat adjustment control sets for my wife's Tiguan, but I cannot figure out how to remove the OEM black ones. I don't want to just try pull or pry them off and damage them, is there a DIY I can take a look at somewhere? I have searched but not found...
  3. Modifications & 'How to' Guides
    Hi, I've got a 2009 Tiguan, and somehow a small bug managed to get into the domelight "peanut bulb" fitting?(ive attached pic) :shock: .... needless to say, ITS IRRITATING me :headbang: ... I've tried to see how to do it on another thread "interior led lights" but all the "pics" on HOW TO DO...
1-3 of 3 Results