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  1. Modifications & 'How to' Guides
    A feedback thread for this DIY has been set up here >>> Feedback - How To - Retro Fit PLA 2.0 (Parking Sensors) . (Following on from my forum post here and here. Additional Images can also be found in the gallery here) Disclaimer, this guide would not have been possible without the help and...
  2. Electronics
    I am slightly deaf and find my new Tiguan proximity sensor bleep very quiet and would like to know if the volume can be increased.
  3. Electronics
    I've seen front parking cameras on Q5s, Touaregs, BMWs and other cars. Would it be feasible to retrofit one on a RNS-510-equipped Tiguan? By feasible I mean relatively easy. Otherwise (almost) anything is possible in this world ;-) I was wondering how does a typical park assist system switch...
1-3 of 3 Results