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  1. Off Roading
    I thought I would post a picture here, since vwortex seems fairly tig unfriendly. Rival duralumin (first time I've ever owned something made from that alloy) skid plate. The fit and finish is extremely high quality. Cost was only $89 plus a modest amount to ship it straight to my home. I've...
  2. Off Roading
    hey everyone, im a new tiguan owner and im struggling to get this rig baja ready. any suggestions for lift kits, tires, racks, lights, etc. anything would help. Ive done work with ford f150s, jeep wranglers, and a '94 isuzu trooper and am familiar with some good companies. but im clearly not...
  3. New Members - Important Info & Introduction Area
    Hello All! Some sad news. We've had a sharp change in our situation and unfortunately a downsize was on the cards. Some here know me from other forums or groups/facebook so this may be old news. :D Its been terrific being a part of this forum and "club". Sharing photos, experiences as well as...
1-3 of 3 Results