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  1. Australia & New Zealand
    Hi, I took delivery today of my Tiguan and I'm hoping to gain experiences from other owners to hopefully avoid any pitfalls
  2. New Members - Important Info & Introduction Area
    Hi all I am Marty with a user name of gmanrtw. My wife and I just purchased a 2010 Tig Wolfsburg edition with Sapphire Blue and cream leatherette. This vehicle purchase was supposed to be a dumbed down 3rd car to be used by my soon to be sixteen year old twins. We looked at some boring...
  3. New Members - Important Info & Introduction Area
    As new to the forum i thought i would say hello. This is the first VW i have owned and I hope VW is as good as people say they are. If the truth be told it is really going to be the misses car. I don't think the Tiguan will get much offroad work as i have a Discovery 3 for that. (But you never...
1-3 of 3 Results