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  1. General Discussion
    4k miles ago i had the emissions fix reversed withe exelent results i am now getting upto 73mpg mfd reading 66mpg brim to brim driving very carefully, the most prefix was 58mpg on a long motorway drive, the tuner who putthe pre fix software back said he was using the last of 3 codes prior to the...
  2. Reader's Drives
    I've just come back from a week away in west Wales, and was interested to note how my driving techniques had to change. I was born and brought up in south Wales, so I'm well used to the windy roads, or so I thought. However even before getting there I was complaining of RCI, repetitive curve...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi guys, Quick question about the 'average' mpg in the Tiguan. Owned my 2012 2.0 SE (140) Auto for just over a week now and loving it :) However from a week gone Wednesday when i bought the car until today the 'average' mpg has been 35/36 mpg, most of my runs have been to and from work which...
  4. General Discussion
    This may sound silly :blush: but why does a 4wd have a lower MPG than a 2wd with the same engine?? Surely unless you are measuring with regular rough terrain driving using the same engine should result on the same MPG, no? :huh: I'm not convinced it's a good idea to get a 4wd for mostly urban...
  5. General Discussion
    My 2012 Tig has only covered 11,700 miles and today I had my best run with 47.3 MPG on mostly A Roads 50-60 MPH and Motorway 70-75 MPH. I'm guessing that my Tiguan isn't run in yet? What do you think?
  6. General Discussion
    Hi all, thanks for being so helpful on the previous question. I'm just about to go for a trek around the North of England this afternoon and after looking at the original Tig brochure there's just a couple more questions I'd like to ask. The first is regarding diesel engines, I didn't notice...
  7. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    I'm having another problem with my 2014 Tiguan 2.0t R-Line. I do 90% highway driving and only average around 27-28mpg(IMPERIAL/UK). I get about 300km on half a tank(tank is 62 litres). With my cold start issue(black smoke when starting in -15 or so) and this, I'm convinced this is an injector...
1-7 of 8 Results