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  1. New Members - Important Info & Introduction Area
    Hi All, This is Rakesh. I am here to learn more about my 2022 Tiguan SE R line . Thank you
  2. New Members - Important Info & Introduction Area
    Hi all. I have been stopping by to see what's being happening here, but decided today to get into this boat. I have admired the Tiguan and decided to give it a try. I got myself a 2010 TSI 2.0 4 motion. Drives very well. I am a DIY enthusiast. Since picking up the car, I have being trying to get...
  3. New Members - Important Info & Introduction Area
    Hi, I have a technical question about my Tiguan and I found this wonderful place! Thank you for creating this informative and helpful site! Best regards, Mike
  4. General Discussion
    Hi All, New member here and having lurked for a while decided to join today. :eek: The wife has this....... Being a 2.0d Rline with DSG. It's a nice car and a great place to be if traveling a long distance. A great cruiser and the auto box is wonderful. We're very impressed by it. So...
  5. New Members - Important Info & Introduction Area
    Hello to everyone. We own a 2.0 litre TSI manual Tiguan since 2009 mostly trouble free. Electrical woes can be annoying (sunroof and boot switches have failed) and dangerous when it comes to the EPB which failed and the car rolled away after being parked for 4 hours!! Anyone else had such issues?
  6. New Members - Important Info & Introduction Area
    Hi I'm Liam, I live in Morecambe, UK and have just ordered a new Tiguan. Spec is basically 2.0SE in Blackberry with the Mirror Pack.. This is the 4Motion spec with DGS 7 speed auto, and looks awesome! I'm working on a delivery date of 1 September 2013, so a new 63 plate yet to be assigned...
1-6 of 6 Results