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  1. Europe
    All, I am driving my 2019 Tiguan in the south of France, and there are some minor hills. I have my headlights on Auto (although I have checked all settings, and the same issue applies, it is just worse), and the headlights only illuminate the road about 20 feet out, and then it the lighting...
  2. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    I have a UK reg Tiguan Allspace 2018 (we love it). We have moved to Portugal - the on board computer management settings has an option under lights for setting 'driving in left or right hand traffic'. I have it set to 'driving on the right'. I imagined that was working but since going for my...
  3. North America
    New to forum - looking to see if anyone has upgraded from halogen bulb to led bulb in headlights Do not seem to have much room with rubber covers. Thanks
  4. Modifications & 'How to' Guides
    SE NAV 2016. Managed to crack the drivers side headlight by hitting a bird. Needless to say the whole headlight assembly needs to be replaced which seems impossible to do without removing the whole front! Please help I’ve no idea where to begin!
  5. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    Hi guys! I have a couple issues here that I have tried searching through the forums for but have yet to find something matching what I'm looking for at all. So if I am repeating a topic please forgive me. Also I apologize for being long winded, my girlfriend hates it too lol. First of all...
  6. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    I have a Tiguan se tdi 4 motion vehicle which is 3months old. Automatic headlights worked fine until today, when even in very bright sunlight, they would not turn off, except manually. Came home left car on drive , went out later, headlights went out all ok!!!. While out stopped car turned off...
1-6 of 6 Results