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  1. Engines & Transmission
    Hi everyone ! My car is Tiguan 2012 2.0 TSI 170 HP. I want to replace Haldex fluid. Last month, I ordered one bottle from China, the code is G 065 172 Z2. It look like two attached pictures. Can I use it for my car ? Thanks !!! From Viet Nam
  2. General Discussion
    Hi again all, I wrote in a post earlier about a possible Haldex clutch pump failure. Today, I had our Tiguan at a local shop here. The tests reported a problem with the clutch operating angle valve (N373 in the picture.) When the car was on the hydraulic lift it spun on all four wheels, but...
  3. Engines & Transmission
    This noise has been annoying me for some time and I am totally perplexed by it! Maybe someone can help. My VW specialist cannot diagnose. I have a 2.0l diesel 4 wheel drive model 2008 vintage with 120,000 miles done. The noise from the offside rear wheel primarily is very audible when the...
  4. Engines & Transmission
    I have a 2011 4Motion Tig, 2.0 TSI. I would like to start tweaking it: APR remap and exhaust are on the list. I also would like to run the car on the dyno before and after each mod. So I would know how much HP and torque I had on stock, after the APR remap, after the exhaust and so on. Here...
  5. Engines & Transmission
    For those who want to know how the Haldex Gen 5 works take a look at this video - I believe the later model Tigs built from week 45 2013 are fitted with the Gen 5 Units.
1-5 of 5 Results