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  1. Auto Detailing Discussion
    I wish to mount a GPS metal suction pad in the top centre dashboard bin. Using even commercial Velcro unattaches due to the heat which can come through the screen. In view of the dashboard plastic I guess I have to be wary about the glue I use. Does anyone have any knowledge of the type of glue...
  2. Electronics
    I've spent a better part of an hour and having a very difficult time finding a north america map update for the RNS 310. Nothing on Ebay. Can't get it from VW. Anyone have any ideas? I am currently running version 2 and am really in need of an update. Anyone have one to sell?
  3. General Discussion
    Hi guys. So I retrofitted a rns 510 into my tig. It worked without any coding but the car is approximately 20 yards out on the map. I've had a look on the forums and it suggests that this may be because the positioning module which is already installed on the car may be conflicting with the...
  4. Electronics
    Hi Everyone, Last week I started my 2010 Tiguan SEL and the RNS system looked like it was trying to apply an update but never seemed to finish. Immediately after this, the normal screens appear but no buttons have anything in them. I cannot get sound from the radio, input any new information...
1-4 of 4 Results