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  1. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    Hi everybody! First time post ever on a forum so I hope it's all good! Anyways, I have an '09 SEL with the power leather seats. They have the memory function and it just isn't working at all. Well, not AT ALL is inaccurate. It wont accept any new settings but one setting from the previous...
  2. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    I have had a few episodes with my 2011 tiguan. I bought it brand new and have taken great care of it. it has 75k miles on it now the breaks have always been kind of noisy and seem to be getting worse. It sounds like a DJ is spinning, the back and forth movement- thing with his hand, when...
  3. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    I had trouble finding fuse diagrams not provided in the manual. The dealership gave this printout with fuse panel location, Tiguan year, and fuse assignments listed. Maybe it'll be helpful.
1-3 of 3 Results