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  1. Engines & Transmission
    Hiya all, I have added a video my car started making the other day, I was towing my caravan and had just got to the top of a big bank when it started! It is a 08 TIGUAN SE TDI 140 2L I got a mate to put it on the back of his recovery truck so it’s only done maybe a mile since the noise started...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi. I have just purchased a Tiguan R Line 2.0tdi 4 motion DSG today. Love the car but there is an issue (i think). Theres a knocking sound i can hear when stationary. Not the usual diesel engine noise but something in the background. Please see video below. After i finished recording i put the...
  3. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    Has anyone experienced a clutch failure on their Tiguan? My Tiguan experienced this yesterday. The car is only 3 years old and just out of warranty, and covered 26,000 miles. There was no preceding warning such as bangs or knocks, and no warning lights. Fortunately I had just exited the motorway...
1-3 of 3 Results