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The final straw that's broken my back

20 December 2012 - 08:22 PM

My wayward Tiguan finally came up with the "piece de resistance" last night.
I came to enter it this morning and after a night of constant rain I found all the windows open as well as the roof.
I know that the gremlins had visited again as there was no way I could have operated the self opening/shutting facility by accident.
This 2009 model SE ( which was my first ever VW )has suffered more niggles and faults during the last 3 years than any car I can ever remember. Despite this I really like driving the car and have often praised its qualities, but enough is enough. I know members will say that every now and again a "Friday afternoon " one will surface, and I seem to have got one.

Not anymore I haven't

I went and traded it for another Germanic marque, which I will pick up Monday morning and hope that it will work out as well as the last 2 Mercedes we had.

As a member I will coninue to monitor the forums as I have enjoyed reading the comments.

I would like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the members throughout the World.

Slow to heat up

05 November 2012 - 09:24 PM

Now that winter is rapidly approaching us here in the UK does anybody have any workable solutions to reduce heater warm up times.
I am aware that diesel engine heaters seem to take longer than petrol versions? but my SE 140 takes approx 3 miles of slowish driving to reach operating temperatures (on the dial). Sometimes I have reached my destination by then, so I suffer a coolish ride!!!.

Years ago we used to blanket off all, or part of the radiator and you could even purchase a roller blind system contolled by a cord/chain in the cab.When I lived in the States we could buy a heater kit to warm up the water before we left the house, ideal in the northern States.

Its not always possible to put the car in the garage so it often sits in zero or worse temps.

What are other members doing about this slow warm up , or do they just accept it and switch on the heated seats????

Rev Counters

09 March 2012 - 03:26 PM

Nearly all my cars during the last 30 years or so had some form of automatic gear shift , so I have got out of the habit or felt the need for a rev counter.Even the "Tiptronic" style box does,t really need one to function well.
When I started motoring most cars had poor clutches and non-syncromesh or crash boxes, so it was a real help, to know what the revs were if you didn,t want to wake all the neighbours up .
Nowadays I often wonder why vehicles with auto boxes still have them--I for one would like to see a nice analogue clock or a more useful instrument in its place.Oil pressure or an ammeter would be nice or anybody else have a requirement?
I recently asked a few female drivers about the rev counter and not one knew what it was really for!
Maybe its easier for the manufacturers not to make too many changes when you specify an auto?

Parking Sensor operating or not?

19 February 2012 - 10:16 PM

When I am parking up after a drive I notice that the front sensors do not operate and warn of obstructions (Wife found out to her cost when Tiggy bounced off a concrete post.)even when just crawling into a space.It appears that the system is not activated unless you stop and start again which seems to trigger the sensor systems.
It works everytime if you move from rest slowly , presumably whilst in 1st gear or reverse.
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