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Goodbye Volkswagen Hello Voltswagen???

30 March 2021 - 06:44 AM


The Late Great Zookoff

28 March 2021 - 07:38 AM

Many know I ride, I've ridden metrics, Harleys and more. While the Great Zookoff isnni longer with us, he was a fountain of knowledge on the Volusia/ Boulevard forums I myself was a part of for a number of years. I feel he's a part of me some days. While even if you don't ride this can hit home even for that late night drive.

Enjoy.. it sims up life so nicely no matter your walk of life.

Why do I ride? This sums it up nicely. By the Late, Great Zookoff...May his eternal soul ride on forever. Shared. From the Volusia Forums. 3/28/14
Friday night, 11 o'clock. Crazy time to ride, but I wanted to feel the cold air on my face, needed to think. So I needed to ride. Kids were playing video games and oldest daughter was online and chatting with friends. Hell, they wouldn't even really know I was gone, but I told them I'd be back in a bit.

Go out to Black Beauty, I swear she could tell we were gonna go out. Have to apply a little choke since I haven't rejetted and it was 50 degrees or so, I remind myself to check into buying the kit. Briman told me what to get. With a couple minutes warm up as I tied on my doo rag, cleaned the clear night glasses, pull on my gloves, a quick check of the bike and off I go. She sounds good tonight.

The cold air smells good. Smells like nights in the country when I was a kid. It's amazing the power smells have to make you remember. Things that you haven't thought about in 20, 30, or more years come screaming back into your mind just from some molecules mixed in air.

Riding on West Rd I pull up to the light at Hwy 6, hear some laughter, and look over to see a car full of teenage girls. I'm the age of their fathers, but they seemed to think the bike, or the image of a biker, were cool. I nodded and they giggled. I smiled. I like being that guy. Light turns so I headed out down Hwy 6 south........not going anywhere, just going.

That's why we ride. Yeah, we ride when we "HAVE" to go somewhere, have to ride in to work, have to ride here because we're supposed to meet someone, have to ride there for some other reason, but the real reason, is to just ride. It's not that destination, it's that ride. Just like life. The destination isn't what we focus on. We focus on "the ride". The "Journey", or as Garth said, "the Dance". So I ride.

Now, my mind is slowly being emptied. The stress is leaving, with each exhale, more and more leaves. Not all at once, not instantly, but it's leaving, I can feel it going. I stop in the left lane at a light and in the mirror, I see another bike. He pulls up next to me, in the middle lane. It's a Harley. Looks like a pretty new Night Train, Wide Glide, something along those lines with the skinny front tire, but man does it sound good.

I think to myself (and it's been discussed here many times) that I could spend 600 bucks on RoadHouse pipes (or any other pipes for that matter), and my Vol would never sound like that. He looks like a biker. I wonder if I look like that to other bikers. I mean......I have my doo rag on, leather jacket, leather gloves, motorcycle boots, but do I look like a biker? Does it matter? I have to admit, to a part of me inside, yes it does. It does matter that I look the part. I notice he's got a Jesse James type cap on and nod as I looked over and I think, what the hell, and I give him a thumbs up as if to say, "I ride a bike, but I am not afraid to say I think you're bike is way cool". He smiles. He understands sign language. No one else is at the light so I tell him I wished my Volusia sounded like his Harley. He laughs and says it could, and I responded that all it took was money, he smiles and nods.

Light turns green and we ride off. I look in my mirror, and he's coming over behind me. The Harley, letting the Volusia take the lead. What's he thinking? Is he just waiting for his time, and then he'll accelerate his Harley, having almost double the engine my Vol's got, and then pass me in contempt? I decide I don't care, I didn't come out to ride seeking a Harley riders approval, I came out to ride because I didn't want to think about stuff. I just wanted to ride. We're moving pretty good now, so I take the left side of the lane, he the right. He's riding right in the mirror so I can see he's there. Staying safely back, but letting me know he's there in case we need to move over.

Air is colder here, there's fewer buildings, and more land. More trees. More green, and it's cooler over the land, than over the pavement. We need more green, although we have to have the pavement if we're gonna ride. I'll think more about that later. We go from light to light, changing lanes and passing a slow car, changing lanes again to pass a truck that had terrible exhaust.

He's right there. Staying right where he's supposed to, but he's still letting the Volusia lead. The Suzuki is leading the Harley, and he's not too proud to let that happen. He's here for that ride too. Not for anything else. We run 65 mph down Hwy 6 after Groschke or whatever that road is called all the way to I-10.

That feels good......the cold air..........I can feel it on my face and it's cold, but that makes me feel alive. I can feel my face cold, but I can feel. I'm not numb. Our lives make us numb. We get up, make coffee, shower, go to work, make a living, go home do husband and dad things and go to bed. The next day, repeat. Numb. It makes us numb. Is he thinking about being numb? Does his life make him feel numb sometimes? When the cold air makes my face cold, when my mind wanders and I think back, and remember a memory from years ago, simply because of something I smell, I'm not numb anymore.

Yep, he's still there. We pull up to the feeder road of I-10, downshift, slow a little, downshift again, I really like the way drilled pipes sound downshifting.......I hear that single-pin cranked Harley gurgle and rumble as he downshifts as well and we both come to a stop. I'm alive. So alive. This ride is exactly what I needed. I look over at the Harley Dude, he's smiling. He knows. To top it off, he knows more. More than I give him credit for. Knows more that I give a lot of Harley riders credit for.

Grinning, he says, "Thats a really good looking bike". He knew. He knew what I was asking myself. He was asking himself questions too, the same, but from a different perspective. But, now I know...........he's here for the ride too. He just chose a different steed. His iron horse, and mine, aren't all that different. Both metal monsters that let us breathe. Let us smell. Keep us from being numb. It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "Thanks I say". He nods. Yep, he knows. We share the same secret. The "secret" that all reading this story know. As the light turns green, we pull across the intersection.......he changes lanes and rumbles off. With waves of gloved hands, the Harley Dude and I go our separate ways. We rode together for 10 minutes. But it could have been 10 hrs. It didn't matter. We understood. We're not numb.


How one little error can cause multiple faults

25 February 2021 - 06:41 AM

Attached File  PXL_20210224_215315112~2.jpg   204.81KB   4 downloads

This is for the new members. When we discuss having the right tools for the job because how sophisticated the electronics are and how not to jump the gun because your standard OBD scanner said it was a fault in a certain spot, this is why correct tools are needed.

See all these errors and malfunction??

One thing caused it... One little thing.

I miscoded one item in the ABS module. And it triggered faults in just about every sub system. Put in the correct coding again and 95% went away. I still had to load basic settings in the TMPS control then drive it to reset the monitor.

So when we ask for a screen capture of VCDS or other this is why. Because one little thing can cause it. If I had a ABS sensor fault similar set of errors would occur but something else in another module could do it too.

But now you can laugh as even us experts make mistakes. I hit Do It without checking my math and all sorts of things happened and every light on the dash started flashing. Lol!!

And another lesson is to SAVE YOUR BASE CODING to have a fall back.


Problem Troubleshooting & Scans

08 February 2021 - 10:15 AM

When you are seeking assistance for issues on your Tiguan and give us the symptoms, please do remember that VWs and most modern vehicles are a complex series of computers. One small issue in one module can be caused by an error in another module. So when you post you question and your list of issues please do not be discouraged when we ask for a VCDS or OBD11 scan. It's the proper tool for the job and is able to deep dive into the system, it can communicate with every module, and it will 90% of tht time lead you right to an solution.

Using a generic or higher end scanner is usually only able to read the surface modules like the ECU, and ABS modules, and it will only give you the generic P0XXX codes. While OBD11 and VCDS will spit back actual DTC codes. This is getting very common across the line of all vehicles needing vehicle specific readers.

The older Tiguan's were all Canbus Controlled and when tbe MQB platform came about the later Mk1 Facelifts were given a Hybrid system, and the new MQB has its own System that's is not all Canbus. So unless you have one that reads both, a scanner for Canbus won't fully read the Hybrid and MQB systems.

OBD12 can read both systems as well as just about every car out there thru your phone and is the cheaper alternative.

VCDS is quite expensive and is Vin Restricted now to only a few vehicles unless you purchase a license to expand the restriction

VAS5054A/ODIS is the dealer tool and a genuine ODIS is very Very expensive.

Word of warning there are counterfeit ODIS and VCDS cables out there that are Very Inexpensive. These can damage your vehicle, including bricking modules. So buyer beware of you chose to purchase a clone. There are some quality cloned out there as well but still carry the warning. Even using true VCDS improperly can cause damages.

In the new members section we have a VCDS locator map. Look up in your area and I'm sure you can find someone willing to meet up. We are not responsible for things gone bad if you meet up and that person causes damage. Always ask for their experience level first and always meet in a public location, some may even want a bit of compensation but again we are not responsible or have any control over that.

Also be sure to use our handy search toolbar to search for maybe a solution to your problem that's already posted. We are implementing a new feature once a solution has been found, so look for ones with Solved in the title.

And as always, welcome and thanks for joining the forum!

Iggy's work is never done....

06 February 2021 - 06:51 AM

Attached File  PXL_20210202_223236300.jpg   87.28KB   5 downloadsAttached File  PXL_20210205_220547243.jpg   62.84KB   4 downloadsAttached File  PXL_20210205_220558937.jpg   63.94KB   4 downloads

Wish I had the before pics of the unit I yarded out. The friend who keeps me busy and my pockets a bit heavy, finally found a suitable replacement to his paint booth furnace. Tinold one I've been nursing along for close to 10 years. It had a blownnoutbhewt exchanger and it's been a pain in the butt for the last few just to keep it reliable. So he found the unit a few weeks ago, made the deal and I ran south to pick it up. It was basically new, hung in a warehouse unused for 3 years and a change in plans the warehouse was demoed. So the demo guy was able to get the units.

I yanked out the old unit, made some minor repairs to the existing system, ripped out all the old control strategy to totally redo and simplify it for ease of troubleshooting. Got the new ymunitocled up and hoisted into place (14 feet off the ground, all without a forklift and the beast weighs 350 pounds. Re did all the electrical, venting, gas line etc. Got it setup, drew the plans up for the transition plenum to mate up with the existing ductwork. Local Hvac shop ive worked with, from both sides of the HVAC counter said they could build it. So I picked that up this morning and after a few hours of cussing for it in place and sealed everything up.

Paint booth now can get well over 100F if they want to. And the nasty smell of combustion due to the old units failed heat exchanger is a thing of the past.

It was fun taking a step back in time and installing a big @ss unit like the old days before I got sick.and designing a transition plenum again. Guy at the shop that did it was surprised and could tell I knew what I was doing when I dropped off the plans. Be built it exactly to my plans and it for almost perfectly, but metal can be bent. Lol. Got a small thing to finish up on Monday with it and it should be good to go for many years to come.

Oh and yes, that is a 400,000 BTU unit heater. Yes 400k... 🥵🥵🥵🥵

Onward to other projects!

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