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In Topic: Iggy's Makeover/ OEM+ Mods and More!

Today, 07:47 PM

Sadly it did not work. :( I did have it pinned correctly when I had it there originally. Maybe get my hands on ODIS and see if there is something I can unlock in the ecu with it.

In Topic: Iggy's Makeover/ OEM+ Mods and More!

Today, 08:05 AM

Well I've now got a list up to $300 with FCP Euro for my 80k service

Oil Filter
Serpentine Belt
Ceratec Treatment
LM Engine Flush
G13 Antifreeze
Differential Fluid
Cabin Air Filter

I still need to do the Brake Flush I might try it myself, I just need to get the cap for the friends pressure bleeder.

Also the headlight leveling switch will be here soon, maybe today. So I'll have something to play with this week. I did open one motor up and retract it as far as it will go and at a foot it's an inch difference in height so at 25 feet it should be major.

But darn. What am I ever do do with what was being spent on a monthly car payment. Lol!!!

In Topic: Keyless entry

Today, 08:00 AM

I wonder how far one can drive it before it realizes the key is out of range. Probably far enough to load it on a trailer and disappear.

In Topic: New Member - No Heat

Yesterday, 05:01 PM

Welcome to the group. I have moved your topic into a better spot to better assist you.

I'd be taking it back to where you bought it first usually they require a 30 day warranty on everything. What climate system do you have the single zone or the dual zone? If you have the dual zone a Climate reset may free up a sticky flap motor. Of it is press and hold both the AC button and tht button for Middle Vent (arrow pointing at face for dash vents) all the lights will start flashing and things will recalibrate.

If it's the standard system, then we will need a VCDS scan to manually check and reset the system. Flap motor issues are fairly common on VWs. But again if it is a flap issue I'd be going back to seller and asking them hey this don't work. Of they are a good dealer they should take care of you.

In Topic: How To Fit Front Door Puddle/Warning Lights - Feedback

Yesterday, 01:32 AM

Since you have the 20 pin connector you want to use 6 + 18 for -


4 and 14 is for the 14 pin connector

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