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Warranty, phew, just in time.

25 February 2020 - 11:16 AM

The Tig went in for it's annual service and first M.O.T. yesterday.  My dealer sent me a video of the routine health check that they carry out each time a car goes in for a service.  The video started off showing the underside from rear to front.  All was ok until the front was showing.  Oh dear, two oil leaks that involve the gearbox being dropped.  Thankfully I had taken the Tig in a week earlier than it's 3rd birthday, so just in warranty and saving a large bill.  Unfortunately the repairs couldn't be carried out yesterday as they didn't have the parts, but now scheduled in two weeks time, including a free loan car.

Whilst on the subject of warranty, has anyone had experience of 3rd party warranties recently?  I've been looking around and one provided by the RAC seems pretty good at £280 for one year and £512 for two.  I did ask about one provided by VW, but even after much negotiating, it was £465 for one year, but did include breakdown recovery, which I don't need as I already have it.

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